1.) I thought it was interesting that schools try to pass the expense of AstroTurf as a safety expense.

2.) I learned that the field is on a 0.5 percent slope to drain water to its edges.

3.) The ability of the track to retain heat is pertinent to the class, because the granules' color allows them to absorb energy more efficiently.

Alternative Energy

I read the article on the rebirth of nuclear power. I was excited to learn that, at last, new nuclear reactors would be constructed, after a 30 year freeze. I am a supporter of Nuclear Power as a fuel source, especially since in recent years progress has been made to increase the safety of nuclear reactors and because the carbon emissions are minimal. I learned that some safety improvements that have been made include the removal of pipeline that may rupture and cause meltdown. A fact pertinent to our class would be how the controlled splitting of uranium atoms boils steam, turning turbines and generating electricity.

Einstein Article

I found it interesting that everything: time, matter, and energy are relative to your frame of reference. This fact seems hard to grasp, because it seems that time is not relative, and remains constant. A fact pertinent to class would be that there is a threshold frequency at which electrons will fly off of a metal and give off light. The electrons that fly off are described as the photoelectric effect. I learned that the intensity of light has no effect on the threshold at which electrons fly off.

The Many Looks of the Periodic Table

Even though it is interesting that one can use a 3d or spatial representation of the periodic table, these alternatives are neither practical nor more effective than the current periodic table. The possibility for better, more organized tables is interesting, however, I think there are many conveniences to the current periodic table that can be disrupted if it were represented in other ways. For example, when writing electron configurations, the current periodic table allows us to visualize subshells. Even though the current table is most convenient, it is always helpful to visualize all of the elements in other representations.