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"I can feel it, the answer to our prayers. The inevitable coming of doom, and a new world awaiting. The explosion came, and along with it, a prolonged and brutal winter. But we accomplished our mission. Waiting to drop the bomb would have cost so many more lives, so much more time that we did not have. We did what we had to do. Our techniques, while inhumane, and while disputed, were necessary in this respect. This is why we study nuclear chemistry, not to destroy, but to create a new world out of one that was clearly headed for destruction anyway; not to kill off societies, but to advance the human society as a whole to new heights which have never been seen before." -AA
Nuclear Chemistry: Some worship its teachings, others protest in its inhumane and dangerous practices, and still others ignore it as being illegitamate. However one views it, nuclear chemistry is one of the most important branches of chemistry which will inevitably become so advanced in the coming years that we will all eventually have to live under its awe-inspiring power.