Part 1: Read the resources on pool chemistry and write 3 questions that you would like to have answered by Mr. Miller.
Part 2: Write a commentary in which you address each of your questions along with the answers. The commentary for each question should be at least 50 words and should follow the standard post and response rubric.

Becker, Joel
Belnick, Andrew
Chen, Yanqi-Tyson
Dalal, Rajeev
Darr, Adam
Freer, Rachel
Gladfelter, Samuel
Greene, Alex
Gross, Kenneth
Hastings, Courtney
Kaur, Sahib
Mace, Anthony
Mohn, Austin
Osborn, Ethan
Pontz, Luke
Rehman, Olivia
Snare, Daniel
Snyder, Justin
Sprenkle, Ryan
Tariq, Wareesha
Topper, Allison
Tran, Dat
Truax, Kirsten
Turnow, Cody