Rules for Safe Behavior in the Chemistry Laboratory

My name's not CAROL!! mw]

Make sure your hair or clothes are not loose and able to come in contact with flames or chemicals. -EB

Never point a test tube at anyone. -MB
Never fear the experiment (Keep an eye on your live experiment).ST

Use hot hands for hot things- AS

ingestion/consumption of any and all lab materials/chemicals is strictly prohibited-KG

Don't eat in the lab area CP

Don't run in the lab area JM

Don't reach over an open flame SF

Wear safety goggles cl

Never wear open toes shoe during lab, always wear closed toes shoes. JV

no horseplay in lab area - ND

Be aware of the different chemicals in your surroundings- SK

Never directly smell a chemical- WL

Don't make a liar out of a label. EJ

read the label twice. CHU

Don't leave the gas on when not in use. JA

Do not squirt Mr. Williams with destilled water... PC

Always wear protection- AA

Do not put hot materials/objects on a scale without allowing proper time for cooling - AG

Keep your shoelaces tied or tucked away so you do not wipe out. - PK

No hackey sacking in the lab area. -SG

Thou shall not grade labs with "china marker" -EO

Do not leave a lump of KI on the lab bench. -DS

Do not crinkle your labs. -Crinkles Gladfelter

"Help, I need an electron", shall not be played in class. -MW